Naia Home Collage

Naia Kete is a musician, songwriter and lifestyle influencer. First performing as a young girl in her family reggae band, she has since grown into a multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer. Her leadership is the fuel that drives SayReal, a pop-reggae band co-founded by her long time partner Lee John and younger brother Imani Elijah. Since moving to Los Angeles, she had a successful run on NBC’s The Voice, recorded multiple projects, and embodied a fierce commitment to living a healthier life. Devoting herself to the study of wellness, nutrition and physical fitness she was able to lose 40 pounds completely by developing a real connection to self and intuition. 

On social media, her online persona has become one that thousands come to for comfort and advice. Her words and deeds are an inspiration, and she has positioned herself as a leader among women, artists, entrepreneurs and anyone who is passionate about living a life fulfilled. Whether you are seeing her live, streaming her music, or just checking out one of her Instagram photos, her unique style and seductive energy shines through in a way that is impossible to ignore. Naia lives her life dedicated to the pursuit of creativity and revolution, devoted to changing our world for the better one song and one post at a time.