Let your hair down, let go of your worries and enjoy one of LA’s most inspiring pop-reggae artists.

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Listen to what others are saying about Naia Kete!

Rolling Stone Magazine – “Naia is an earthy soulstress who has a dynamic sound and her smile is magic.”

Entertainment Weekly – Named her as one of the Top 10 to win “The Voice”.

From a YouTube Fan – “She has the most amazing voice and everything about her is beautiful. I have her songs on repeat.”


Hey there. My name is Naia and I’m so happy you’re here. It means, among other things, you probably have a genuine love for music and artists who are authentic, inspiring and want to offer something positive to the world. So we already have something in common. As we get to know each other more we’ll find more ways we relate to one another. We all have different backgrounds, beliefs and ways of being but we can always seem to find things that unite us. Human experience, feeling, emotion…it ties us together, and it’s what I’ve done my best to express in my music.

You see, I grew up performing in my family’s reggae band, studying west African dance and drum, and writing my own songs. I took a bit of family with me from my hometown of Northampton, MA when I moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago with my younger brother and boyfriend. Not long after moving I found myself on Season 2 of The Voice, touring, recording and now fronting pop-reggae band SayReal. Still, it wasn’t until recently that I really found my voice and message as a solo artist. I hid from the world for a while, facing my demons, strengthening my resolve and discovered who I really wanted to be and what I wanted to offer the world.

So, for a limited time I’m giving away 3 free songs, pieces of myself that I’m sure you’ll be to relate to, cry to, dance to and find comfort in. Just enter your name and email address below and get ready to listen cause you’ll be sent the songs immediately.

So enter your name and email address now, take a listen, and let me know how you feel. Can’t wait to hear from you :).